News about myMPD and the MPD universe.

myMPD v6.4.1

This is a small maintenance release that fixes many bugs.

Read MoreWritten on May 31, 2020

myMPD v6.4.0

This minor release fixes some bugs, enhances the check command and adds an option to sort the albumart grid by modification time. This release also adds better support for lyrics and coverimages. The default pseudo random number generator was replaced with TinyMT a Mersene Twister implementation.

Read MoreWritten on May 20, 2020

myMPD v6.3.1

This release fixes one ugly and security related bug:

Read MoreWritten on April 26, 2020

myMPD v6.3.0

This release adds support for the MPD mount and neighbor functions. The error handling for MPD protocol errors was improved. This is the first version that can only compiled with internal libmpdclient (called libmympdclient).

Read MoreWritten on April 12, 2020

myMPD v6.2.3

This release fixes a ugly bug, that prevents adding new songs to the last played list and increases the song playCount endless.

Read MoreWritten on March 6, 2020

myMPD v6.2.2

myMPD 6.2.2 fixes some bugs and adds a Dutch translation, thanks to Pinkdotnl for that.

Read MoreWritten on March 4, 2020

myMPD v6.2.1

myMPD 6.2.1 is only a small maintenance release.

Read MoreWritten on February 26, 2020

myMPD v6.2.0

myMPD 6.2.0 adds more functionality to smart playlists and playlists generally. The publishing feature of myMPD was completely reworked and supports now webdav to manage pics, mpd music_directory and playlists. This feature is in the default config disabled and mus be enabled in mympd.conf. Also the notification system was reworked and supports now the brand new HTML5 MediaSession API.

Read MoreWritten on February 24, 2020

MPD Partitions

MPD partitions are one of the new features of the upcoming MPD 0.22. The client library libmpdclient2 supports the new partition commands since the 2.18 release. The ncmpc 0.37 release supports partitions also.

Read MoreWritten on January 27, 2020

myMPD v6.1.0

myMPD v6.1.0 adds a new timer function. You can now define multiple timers to play, stop or execute a system command. The new timer function is also internally used for covercache maintenance and building smart playlists.

Read MoreWritten on January 27, 2020

myMPD v6.0.1

myMPD v6.0.1 is released. This release fixes some small issues and updates the korean translation (thanks to parkmino).

Read MoreWritten on December 21, 2019

myMPD v6.0.0

myMPD v6.0.0 is released. This release improves mainly the support for albumart and embeds an enhanced version of libmpdclient.

Read MoreWritten on December 19, 2019


myMPD is a lightweight MPD web client that runs without a dedicated webserver or interpreter. It’s tuned for minimal resource usage and requires only very few dependencies.

Read MoreWritten on December 16, 2019