myMPD is a lightweight MPD web client that runs without a dedicated webserver or interpreter. It’s tuned for minimal resource usage and requires only very few dependencies.


Design principles

  • Keep it small and simple
  • Uses only mpd as source of truth
  • Mobile first UI
  • Keep security in mind


  • Control mpd functions (play, pause, etc.)
  • Set mpd settings (repeat, random, etc.)
  • Browse mpd database by tags
  • Albumart grid
  • Browse filesystem and playlists
  • Bookmarks for directories
  • Queue management
  • Playlist management
  • Advanced search
  • Jukebox mode (add’s random songs / albums from database or playlists to queue)
  • Smart playlists and saved searches
  • Play statistics and song voting
  • Local albumart support: embedded and image per folder
  • HTTP stream support
  • Local playback of mpd http stream (html5 audio api)
  • Timers
  • Progressiv Web App enabled
  • Embedded Webserver (mongoose)
  • Love message for scrobbling clients
  • Localized user interface
  • Themeing

myMPD is in active development. If you like myMPD, you can help to improve it (no programming skills are required).


For further information on installation and configuration, see the myMPD wiki.