Multiple myMPD instances on same host

You can run multiple myMPD instances on the same host connecting to different MPD instances.

You must define for each myMPD instance:

If the working directory is not present, you can create it:

First myMPD instance:

export MPD_HOST=/run/mpd1/socket
export MYMPD_HTTP_PORT=8001
export MYMPD_SSL=false
mympd -w /var/lib/mympd1 -a /var/cache/mympd1

Second myMPD instance:

export MPD_HOST=/run/mpd2/socket
export MYMPD_HTTP_PORT=8002
export MYMPD_SSL_PORT=4432
export MYMPD_SSL=true
mympd -w /var/lib/mympd2 -a /var/cache/mympd2

If the working directory is already present you should edit the files in the config directory. The MPD instance can be set with the webgui or with the corresponding files in the state directory.

If all is running fine, you should copy the startup file for each myMPD instance and add the workdir and cachedir option.