Triggers are enabled if scripts are enabled. Triggers can call scripts with arguments. Triggers starting with TRIGGER_MPD_ are triggered from the mpd idle events.

TRIGGER_MYMPD_SCROBBLE -1 Partition specific: The song has been played for at least half of its duration, or for 4 minutes (whichever occurs earlier).
TRIGGER_MYMPD_START -2 Global: myMPD was started, but not connected to MPD
TRIGGER_MYMPD_STOP -3 Global: myMPD is stopping
TRIGGER_MYMPD_CONNECTED -4 Partition specific: MPD connection is established
TRIGGER_MYMPD_DISCONNECTED -5 Partition specific: MPD is disconnected
TRIGGER_MYMPD_FEEDBACK -6 Partition specific: Love, hate or rating feedback is set by user. Script is executed with arguments uri, vote and type.
TRIGGER_MPD_DATABASE 1 Only for default partition: Database has been modified
TRIGGER_MPD_STORED_PLAYLIST 2 Only for default partition: A playlist was added, removed or changed
TRIGGER_MPD_QUEUE 4 Partition specific: MPD queue has changed
TRIGGER_MPD_PLAYER 8 Partition specific: MPD player state has changed
TRIGGER_MPD_MIXER 16 Partition specific MPD mixer state (volume) has changed
TRIGGER_MPD_OUTPUT 32 Partition specific: Output configuration has changed
TRIGGER_MPD_OPTIONS 64 Partition specific: MPD player options has changed
TRIGGER_MPD_UPDATE 128 Only for default partition: Database update has started or finished
TRIGGER_MPD_STICKER 256 Global: Sticker database has changed
TRIGGER_MPD_PARTITION 2048 Only for default partition: Partition was added or removed