Feature matrix

Certain myMPD features are only available with new MPD versions. To use all myMPD functions you should use the latest stable MPD version.

myMPD support only MPD 0.21.0 and above.
starts_with filter expression 0.24.0 myMPD uses a regex for older MPD versions
Autodetection of pcre support 0.24.0 myMPD assumes pcre support for older MPD versions
Autoconfiguration of playlist directory 0.24.0 Works only for socket connections
Consume OneShot 0.24.0 OneShot mode for consume
Queue save modes 0.24.0 Save queue as new playlist, replace playlist or append to playlist
Queue sorting 0.24.0 Queue sorting and priority filter
Add after current song (position/whence arg for load/searchadd) 0.23.5 Adds items to the queue after current playing song
Insert into playlist (position arg for playlistadd) 0.23.5 Inserts songs into a playlist
Remove range in playlist (range arg for playlistdelete) 0.23.3 Removes a range of songs in a playlist
Partitions 0.22.0 Concurrent partition support
Embedded albumart (readpicture) 0.22.0 myMPD can read pictures tags directly if it has access to the musicdirectory