Configuration files

At the first start (if there is no config folder in the working folder) myMPD reads some environment variables and writes the configuration files.

After the first start all environment variables are ignored, except loglevel.

To change these settings afterwards, you can use the mympd-config utility and restart myMPD. As an alternative you can edit the files in the folder /var/lib/mympd/config/.

You can use mympd -c to create the initial configuration in the /var/lib/mympd/config/ directory.


Use systemd-run, if you use a distribution with systemd, e.g.:

systemd-run -p DynamicUser=yes -p StateDirectory=mympd -p CacheDirectory=mympd -E MYMPD_LOGLEVEL=4 -E MYMPD_HTTP=false -E MYMPD_SSL_PORT=1333 mympd -c

General options

acl string MYMPD_ACL   ACL to access the myMPD webserver: ACL, allows all hosts in the default configuration
album_group_tag string MYMPD_ALBUM_GROUP_TAG Date Additional tag to group albums
album_mode string MYMPD_ALBUM_MODE adv Set the album mode: adv or simple
covercache_keep_days number MYMPD_COVERCACHE_KEEP_DAYS 31 How long to keep images in the covercache; 0 to disable the cache; -1 to disable pruning of the cache.
http boolean MYMPD_HTTP true true = Enable listening on http_port
http_host string MYMPD_HTTP_HOST [::] IP address to listen on, use [::] to listen on IPv6 and IPv4
http_port number MYMPD_HTTP_PORT 80 Port to listen for plain http requests. Redirects to ssl_port if ssl is set to true. *1
loglevel number MYMPD_LOGLEVEL 5 Logging - this environment variable is always used
lualibs string MYMPD_LUALIBS all Comma separated list of lua libraries to load, look at Scripting - LUA standard libraries
mympd_uri string MYMPD_URI auto auto or uri to myMPD listening port, e.g.
pin_hash string N/A   SHA256 hash of pin, create it with mympd -p
save_caches boolean MYMPD_SAVE_CACHES true true = saves caches between restart, false = create caches on startup
scriptacl string MYMPD_SCRIPTACL + ACL to access the myMPD script backend: ACL, allows only local connections in the default configuration. The acl above must also grant access.
stickers boolean MYMPD_STICKERS true Enables the support for MPD stickers.
stickers_pad_int boolean MYMPD_STICKERS_PAD_INT false Enables the padding of integer sticker values (12 digits).
  1. If http_port is disabled: The MPD curl plugin must trust the myMPD CA or certificate checking must be disabled. MPD fetches webradio playlists with http(s) from myMPD webserver.

SSL options

ssl boolean MYMPD_SSL true true = enable listening on ssl_port, enables also the redirection from http_port to ssl_port
ssl_port number MYMPD_SSL_PORT 443 Port to listen for https requests
ssl_san string MYMPD_SSL_SAN   Additional SAN for certificate creation
custom_cert boolean MYMPD_CUSTOM_CERT false true = use custom ssl key and certificate
ssl_cert string MYMPD_SSL_CERT   Path to custom ssl certificate file
ssl_key string MYMPD_SSL_KEY   Path to custom ssl key file