Smart playlists

In the default configuration there are no smart playlists. You can add smart playlists in the playlist view or through a saved song search.

Playlist rule

myMPD can generate smart playlists per tag value, e.g. one playlist for each genre. You can configure the rule in the settings dialog under General -> Smart playlists.

Smart playlists

Smart playlists are saved in the folder /var/lib/mympd/smartpls (one JSON file per smart playlist). myMPD creates from this definitions normal MPD playlists on startup, after database changes and a specified interval. You can also enforce an update of all smart playlists in the maintenance dialog in the gui.

type all Type of smart playlist: sticker, newest or search
sticker sticker Stickername, see Sticker
value sticker Sticker value
op sticker Sticker compare operator: =, <, >, gt (MPD 0.24), lt (MPD 0.24)
timerange newest Timerange since last database update in seconds
expression search MPD filter expression
sort newest, expression Tag to sort (e.g. Artist), shuffle or empty string
sort sticker Tag to sort uri, value, value_int (MPD 0.24)
sortdesc all false = sort ascending, true = sort descending
maxentries all Maximum entries for the playlist

Sticker based

Newest songs