myMPD uses the MPD stickers to save song states, playback statistics and votes of songs.

elapsed recent song position
lastPlayed last played time of song (unix timestamp)
lastSkipped last skipped time of songs (unix timestamp)
like 0 - dislike, 1 - neutral, 2 - like
playCount How often the song was played
rating 0 - 10 stars rating
skipCount How often the song was skipped

playCount is updated:

skipCount is updated:

Padding of sticker values

You can enable the padding of sticker values that should be treated as integers. Stickers are padded to 12 digits. Padding is useful, because MPD saves all sticker values as strings.

Run mympd-config MYMPD_STICKERS_PAD_INT true and restart myMPD.

Central sticker database

myMPD uses a distinct mpd connection to read and write stickers. You can configure this connection to use an other mpd server to maintain song statistics across several myMPD instances.