myMPD supports all tags provided by MPD out of the box. The tags must be enabled in MPD and also in the myMPD settings.

Following tags should be enabled for the best user experience:

If you want use ListenBrainz for scrobbling you should enable additional tags:

I personally use Picard to tag my music files.

Important notes


myMPD supports two modes for handling albums.

The default is the advanced album mode. It is the preferred one, except the mpd song database is very huge. You can configure the album mode via /var/lib/mympd/config/album_mode.

You can configure the tag for grouping albums by replacing the tag name in /var/lib/mympd/config/album_group_tag, it defaults to Date. Set it to Unknown to disable the additional grouping tag.

Advanced album mode

The album mode queries each song to build the album cache. This can take a long time, if your mpd song database is very huge.

Simple album mode

The simple album mode uses a simple command to get all uniq album tags from mpd. It is faster than the advanced album mode, but does not provide the same feature set.