myMPD has a simple translation framework integrated. It is inspired by polyglot.js.

Following translations are available and maintained:

  • English (en-US) - default
  • German (de-DE)

User contributed translations:

  • Regulary updated:
    • Korean (ko-KR)
  • Sometimes or never updated:
    • Dutch (nl-NL)
    • Finish (fi-FI)
    • French (fr-FR)
    • Italian (it-IT)
    • Spanish (es-VE)

Translations are defined in one file per language. The translation files resides under <srcdir>/src/i18n/ and are named by the language code, e.g. en-US.txt The perl script creates a combined javascript file from these files.


  • First line of the file must be the friendly name of the language (optionally following a blank line)
  • A phrase is in one line, in the next line the translation and then one blank line
  • %{smart_count} are used for pluralization
    • |||| separates the pluralization forms
    • the phrase before is used for number one
    • the phrase after is user for numbers zero or greater than one
    • more pluralization forms can be easily added (please open an issue)
  • all other %{variables} are replaced with values



Num playlists
%{smart_count} Playlist |||| %{smart_count} Playlists

Expands to 1 Playlist or 5 Playlists or 0 Playlists

Generating the translation file

You can generate the translation file for debug builds manually. The translation file is written to htdocs/js/i18n.js. The build process shows all missing or obsolete translations.

./ translate

Adding missing translations

This example is for the german translation (de-DE).

  1. Show missing translation phrases for one language: ./ translate 2>&1 | grep "de-DE"
  2. Add translation to file: src/i18n/de-DE.txt