Compiling with

With the script you can easily build myMPD and create your own packages. Downstream packagers should use cmake directly.

Compiling and installing

The script provides three compile targets for myMPD.

If compilation fails and you are building on top of an old version, try to run ./ cleanup before.


You can use ./ releaseinstall to compile and install in one step.




Create distribution specific packages

You can self create packages for your distribution:

Cross compiling debian packages

The build script can use sbuild and qemu to cross compile debian packages, thanks to #264 @tsunulukai.

  1. Set target distributions: export DISTROS="bullseye buster"
  2. Set target architectures: export TARGETS="armhf armel"
  3. sudo -E ./ sbuild_chroots to create chroot environments for build
  4. sudo -E ./ sbuild_build to build the packages

The successfully build packages can be found in the packager/builds directory.