Tips to debug problems with myMPD. Try these steps and reproduce the error.

myMPD logging

  • Stop myMPD
  • Set loglevel to debug: export MYMPD_LOGLEVEL=7
  • Start it in the console mympd
  • Debug output is printed to the console
  • Press Ctrl + C to abort
  • Reset loglevel: unset MYMPD_LOGLEVEL

Webbrowser logging

  • Open the javascript console or webconsole
  • Clear the browsercache and the application cache
  • Reload the webpage

MPD logging

  • Set log_level "verbose" in mpd.conf and restart mpd
  • Look through the mpd log file for any errors

myMPD debug build

  • Build: ./ debug

If myMPD aborts with a segmentation fault

  • Run: catchsegv debug/mympd

Other errors - get a calltrace

  • Run: valgrind --tool=callgrind debug/mympd