Tips to debug problems with myMPD. Try these steps and reproduce the error.

myMPD logging

Start myMPD manually

Get logs from running myMPD

You can set the log level in the Maintenance dialog to debug and get the output from your logging service, for systemd it is: journalctl -fu mympd.

Webbrowser logging

MPD logging

Recording traffic between MPD and myMPD

Local socket connection

MPD should listen on /run/mpd/socket. Point myMPD to /run/mpd/socket-debug.

socat -t100 -v UNIX-LISTEN:/run/mpd/socket-debug,mode=777,reuseaddr,fork UNIX-CONNECT:/run/mpd/socket

TCP connection

MPD should listen on a tpc port.

tcpdump -nni any -vvv -x host <mpd host> and port <mpd port>

myMPD debug build

If myMPD aborts with a segmentation fault

Memory leaks

Other errors - get a calltrace