Filesystem hierarchy

myMPD uses GNU standard installation directories.

/etc/init.d/mympd myMPD startscript (sysVinit or open-rc)
/lib/systemd/system/mympd.service Systemd unit
/lib/systemd/user/mympd.service Systemd user unit
/usr/bin/mympd myMPD executable
/usr/bin/mympd-script Executable to trigger and post myMPD scripts
/var/cache/mympd/ myMPD cache directory
/var/cache/mympd/covercache/ Directory for caching embedded coverart
/var/cache/mympd/webradiodb/ Directory for caching the webradiodb json file
/var/lib/mympd/ myMPD state directory
/var/lib/mympd/config/ Configuration files owned by root
/var/lib/mympd/empty/ Intentionally empty directory
/var/lib/mympd/pics/ Root folder for images
/var/lib/mympd/pics/backgrounds/ Backgroundimages
/var/lib/mympd/pics/thumbs/ Folder for homeicon, webradio, playlist and stream images
/var/lib/mympd/pics/<tagname>/ Images for e.g. AlbumArtist, Artist, Genre, ...
/var/lib/mympd/scripts/ Directory for lua scripts
/var/lib/mympd/smartpls/ Directory for smart playlists
/var/lib/mympd/ssl/ myMPD ssl ca and certificates, created on startup
/var/lib/mympd/state/ Global state files
/var/lib/mympd/state/<partition> Partition specific state files
/var/lib/mympd/tags/ Directory for caches